I Married a White Wine Drinker

Things change, and so do people.  I got to thinking about how my husband K— has evolved over the years I’ve known him.  Or rather, he kind of forced the issue.  Read all about it here, and comment to share your stories of how your husband (or wife) has made you stop and wonder, “Whatever happened to the (wo)man I married?”

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Long Live V-Day!

“…a hidden gem that needs to come to the surface for others to find and enjoy” is how reviewer Tricia C. of www.booksbargainsandpreviews.com described The Marriage Files: Cheaper by the Three Dozen when she read it.  “This book is HILARIOUS,” she enthused. “The stories [Holly Alani] tells are short, well-written, and a quick read, which makes this book attractive in today’s busy world.”  See amazon.com or bookbargainsandpreviews.com for the full review.

As a nod to the upcoming holiday, I’ve uploaded  “A Valentine’s Day Primer” [this story has been retired—Holly] a “classic” TMF story that also appears in Cheaper by the Three Dozen. It would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your single women friends, if only to remind them that being single has its good side, too!

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Check out my new story!

For some bizarre reason, human beings want the mate selection process to be scientific, even though we know it’s not.  That’s why online dating services all ask you to fill out onerously long questionnaires that only function to identify one personality trait: tolerance for filling out onerously long online questionnaires.

But we still need ways to separate the wheat from the chaff, and here’s my best effort… [this story has been retired—Holly]

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My Wife Knows Everything and so does Lady Gaga

In the “they couldn’t make this stuff up” department, here’s something to get your Sunday off to the right start…or finish…or whatever:

My Wife Knows Everything

Now, really—was there ever any question how this story would end?! Sometimes, it pays to pick the obvious choice.

Lady Gaga.  (Click for explanation and another laugh.)

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It’s Good to Be Back!

Welcome to the new website for The Marriage Files! This is my first post here, and it’s good to be back!  The big news is that there’s now a book of Marriage Files stories from years past—three dozen stories, to be exact.  Lots of you said you wanted one, and it turned out to be a really big project (more than a year from start to finish), but it was worth the effort.  I’m really happy with how it looks and reads.  I hope you are, too, and I can’t wait to hear your feedback on it.

A lot has changed since I launched the original Marriage Files website in 2003. Now, you can follow me on twitter @tmfwebmistress, and shortly the book will also get a Facebook page. Be sure to check back later this year for Marriage Files merchandise under the “Cool Stuff” heading, but for now you’ll find lots of other cool and funny stuff there in my Amazon store, from hilarious gift items by the talented Anne Taintor (who’d have thought a coaster could make you collapse in laughter?) to classic humor from Dave Barry.

The most important thing, though, is that after a hiatus of more than two years, I’ll be posting new stories again! The “Read a Sample Story” area is where you’ll find them, along with reruns of “classic” stories for people who are just finding The Marriage Files for the first time. Be sure to subscribe or resubscribe to get notifications when new stories get uploaded. To kick things off, I’m republishing the very first story in the series, the one that started the ball rolling seven years ago.  I’m looking forward to the next seven…so stay tuned!

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