Long Live V-Day!

“…a hidden gem that needs to come to the surface for others to find and enjoy” is how reviewer Tricia C. of www.booksbargainsandpreviews.com described The Marriage Files: Cheaper by the Three Dozen when she read it.  “This book is HILARIOUS,” she enthused. “The stories [Holly Alani] tells are short, well-written, and a quick read, which makes this book attractive in today’s busy world.”  See amazon.com or bookbargainsandpreviews.com for the full review.

As a nod to the upcoming holiday, I’ve uploaded  “A Valentine’s Day Primer” [this story has been retired—Holly] a “classic” TMF story that also appears in Cheaper by the Three Dozen. It would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your single women friends, if only to remind them that being single has its good side, too!

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