What Readers Have to Say about The Marriage Files

“…extremely real and hilarious.”

“…sounded word-for-word as if you were eavesdropping in my house.”

“You are fantastic fun!  I laughed until I cried.”

“What a find!  A cross between Erma Bombeck and Stephanie Plum…very enjoyable!”

“…keep up the amazing job.”

“I’m sure many men would applaud your ‘no double standard’ viewpoint…”

“Your new file is a riot!”

“…make a book of them all.”

“…keeps my spirits up on bad days.”

“…every topic resonates with some woman, somewhere!”

“…after a…dull day, you put a big smile on my face!”

“I believe you gave my husband some added life expectancy.  Keep it coming!”

“I am…an avid reader of TMF.  You’re doing a great job.”

“…tell[s] it like it is…”

“I laughed my ass off…”

“Keep up the fabulous work!”

“Oh my gosh!  I am having explosive laughter!”

“I was reading [three] of the files but had to stop because I was laughing so much it tired me out… it’s hard to make me laugh that much!”