Welcome to the revamped, relaunched website for The Marriage Files! If you’ve been reading TMF all along, you know what it’s all about. If not, here’s the scoop:

The Marriage Files is an ever-growing collection of funny stories about marriage and male/female relationships. Author Holly Alani began writing them back in 2001 when she was newly married and often found herself perplexed by K—, her new partner in life.  (He’s a private kind of guy, thus the initial.)

She penned a story or two and emailed them off to friends.  Either because they found the stories genuinely funny, or possibly because of her threats to forward them lethal computer viruses if they weren’t supportive—who’s to say which?—she got a lot of encouragement to write more.

So, she did, and she also started posting them online and delivering them to an email subscriber list.  Then someone suggested she “make a book of them,” so she did that, too, and here it is: three dozen selected tales from the “dark side” of life’s most misunderstood institution.

The Marriage Files: Cheaper by the Three Dozen is one married woman’s small effort at helping you laugh at your other half…because, as Holly has pointed out since the very start of this adventure, shooting them is a felony and considerably messier.

So, if you’re occasionally mystified by your mate, confounded by your consort, stymied by your sidekick, or baffled by your bedmate, don’t get all worked up.  Work out your frustration with laughter instead!  Buy the book—it’s cheap!